Again, «The Cord» film directed by Allaith Hajjo and written by Rami Koussa was officially took place at the «Festival du Court-Métrage d’Auch» in its eighth edition in France in the period between 16-17 November this year. The film depicts a harsh journey for a couple living in a besieged Syrian neighborhood, the wife enters in an early labor, to make us live with her the risks and pain of labor moment by moment, while the bullets of a sniper who watch the neighborhood prevent the arrival of the midwife to the mother. The film casts are Nancy Khoury, Yazan Al-Khalil, Doha El Debs, Jamal El Ali and Sanaa Sawah, and it’s produced by the European Union through the «Madani» and «Search for Common Ground» organizations in cooperation with «Sama Art International» company.

«The Cord» is currently participating in the official competition for short films at «El Gouna Film Festival», where the film will be screened for the first time in the presence of the team. The «Festival du Court-Métrage d’Auch» works on combining cinema, music and meetings, it started for the first time in 2011 with the idea of a group of cinema lovers and today it receives more than 2,000 short films around the world

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