Sana‘ood ba’d Qaleel

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Social human drama series, tells the story of an old man who refused to emigrate and leave his country in the shadow of the ongoing war, adhering to the idea of staying, as a result of his deteriorating health decides to travel to Lebanon for treatment and visit his sons who have always been proud of them and their achievements. But his surprise is great when he discovers how far they were from the life he thinks they live (social, moral, and humanitarian problems) and from the dreams he imagined they would achieve, his health deteriorated, he went to the hospital and died there, leaving his children in their unstable lives.

Year: 2013

Produced by: clacket Company for Media and Distribution Production.

Written by: Rafi Wehbe.

Directed by: Allaith Hajjo.

Cast: Doraid Lahham, Omar Hajjo, Abed Fahed, Basel Khayat, Quosai Khawli, Sulafa Mamar, Kinda Aloush, Rafi Wehbe, Nadin Alrasi, Pierre Dagher and others.