Masafet Aman


Social drama series, it represents stories of deferent characters that try to avoid more loses and look for salvation.
The characters experience the changes of after-war, deal with how war affected business, love and relationships. The series puts different kinds of values that have spread in our society under the microscope and links the fate of different characters that end up with massive chocking closures.
Produced by: Emar Al-Sham Company for Artistic Production

Written by: Eman Alsaeed

Directed by: Allaith Hajjo

Cast: Sulafa Maamar, Karess Bashar, Ihab Shaaban, Abd Almonem Amairy, Jurjos Jbara, Nadeen Tahseen Bek, Hala Rajab, Kais Alsheikh Najib, Khaled Alkesh, Wafaa Mosally and other actors.