Lu`bat Al-Mawt

(Death Game)

A series tells the story of a businessman who is obsessed with jealousy of his beautiful wife from men who are surrounding her, he is imposing a siege on her, which prompts her to seek divorce, he threats to murder her, and when all ways to get rid of him is narrowed. She commits suicide by jumping in the sea during a cruise, he keeps living on the hope of her return. while we see her again in Egypt, starting a new life and working in an engineering company.

Year: 2013

Produced by: Sama Art for International Production.

Written by: Reem Hanna.

Directed by: Allaith Hajjo.

Cast: Abed Fahed, Serine Abed Alnoor, Majed Almasri, Mais Hamdan, Farah Bseso, Yousef Haddad and others.