Funjan Al-Damm

(Blood Cup)

Historical Bedouin series, which dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, when the Ottomans controlled most of the Arab countries, especially the «Maayouf» tribe, which combines it with the «Nuri al-Jazaa» tribe an old revenge, the series tells the story of the impossible love between a knight of the «Nuri al-Jazaa» tribe and a beautiful lady of the «Maayouf» tribe.

Year: 2009

Produced by: Sama Art for International Production.

Written by: Adnan Awdah.

Directed by: Allaith Hajjo.

Cast: Jamal Souliman, Ghasa Masoud, Basem Yakhour, Abd Almehsen Alnamer, Quosai Khawli, Nisren Tafesh, Maisaa Moughrabi, Maison Abo Asaad, Kasem Melho and others.