Debbo El-Shanati

(Pack the bags)

social comedy series, with separated episodes, but it goes in a related context, tells the story of a family living in Damascus and because of the horrors of the war, one of them suggests migration as a final solution, to start persuading family members of the migration idea, some of them stick to the idea of staying, including stakeholders who can only stay, and those who are keen to leave, reviewing the views of all sides, in the end everyone is convinced to emigrate, packing their belongings to prevents their travel every time a different accident, until they travel, and drowning become their fate.

Year: 2014

Produced by: Sama Al-Fan for International Producion.

Written by: Dr. Mamdouh Hamada

Directed by: Allaith Hajjo.

Cast: Bassam Kousa, Amal Arafa, Ayman Rida, Duha Aldibs, Ahmad Al-Ahmad, Nadin Tahsen Bek, Rana Shmeis, Ayman Abd Alsalam, Louris Kazak, Fayez Kazak, Georges Jbara, Kasem Melho, Jamal Alali, Mouhamad Kheir Aljarah, Ghada Bashour, Marwan Abo Shahen and others.