Daiaa` Daayaa` 1

(lost village 1)

comedy series, separated episodes in a related context, which takes place in a forgotten village not reached by technology, it reviews the lives of these simple people and their problems, which are dealt with by the heroes of series in their simple way, each episode presented socially, economically or politically problem in an ironic comedy way.

In addition to the negativity of the characters, we try to reach the conclusion that these people, despite all the negatives they have, are positive personalities compared to the personalities we can find among us today.

Year: 2008

Produced by: Sama Company for Artistic Production.

Written by: Dr. Mamdouh Hamada.

Directed by: Allaith Hajjo.

Cast: Basem Yakhour, Nidal Seijri, Amal Saad Aldin, Tolai Haroun, Georges Jbara, Husain Abbas, Zouhair Ramadan, Fadi Sbeih, Jamal Alali, Mouhamad Hadaki, Rawad Alio, Abed Alnaser Murkabi, Ghada Bashour, Abedllah Shekh khames, Saosan Attaf.