Al Entizar


Syrian social series, highlights the lives, lifestyles, ways of thinking and problems of poor slum dwellers. It tells the story of a young bastard raised in an orphanage and working in legitimate and illegal free acts. We see in this series many models of characters from the villain to the exploitative to the good hearted simple person, characters wrestle with each other and the events interlock to form a dramatic story raises the important question of where we will get as a result for this service neglect and disregard for social justice.

Year: 2006

Produced by: Arab Company for Distribution and Production.

Written by: Hasan Sami Yousef and Najib Nser.

Directed by: Allaith Hajjo.

Cast: Basam kousa, Taim Hasan, Solafa Maamar, Yara Sabri, Omar Hajjo, Nidal Seijri, Ayman Rida, Nisren Tafesh, Andreh Skaf, Taj Haidar, Abeer Shams Alden, Kasem Melho, Ahmad Lababidi.