24 Qirat

(24 Carats)

Common Arab series that falls under the framework of the social politic depicts a marital conflict between the wife and the girlfriend of a businessman who lives a quiet life with his wife and children, before entering into disputes and being subjected to an assassination attempt. He is thrown into the sea to be saved by a girl, she discovers that he lost his memory. she took him to settle with her, leading to the emergence of a great love story between them, continue until his memory is back and the journey of revenge is begun. After that he return to his previous life with his wife and children following the request of his lover.

Year: 2015

Produced by: Eagle Films Productions.

Written by: Reem Hanna.

Directed by: Allaith Hajjo.

Cast: Abed Fahed, Serine Abed Alnoor, Magi Abo Gesen, Zafer Abdeen, Dima Kandalaft, Taqla Shamoon, Basem Magnieh, Rasha Mahdi, Majdi Al-Mashmoshi, Talal Al-jurdi, Vivian Antonious, Foad Yamen and others.