After its participation in Malmö Arab Film Festival, «The Cord» film by Syrian director Allaith Hajjo and writer Rami Koussa has booked his place in the official competition of Casablanca Arab Film Festival, which will be held in its second session from 19 to 24 October this year.

The festival will feature 11 featured films and a group of short films from 19 Arab countries to compete on the festival’s award.

The film is starred by Nancy Khoury, Yazan Al-Khalil, Duha Al-Dibs, Jamal Al-Ali and Sanaa Sawah.

It was filmed in Alzabadani city, and it portraits the harsh journey of a couple lives in one of the Syrian sieged neighborhoods, the wife enters an early labor leading us to live her pain with her a moment by moment, where the sniper’s bullets prevents the midwife from reaching the mother.

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